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Whether you are choosing one of our model portfolios or creating your own the best place to start is by thinking about the risk you are comfortable to take. 

Your portfolio will be a blend of risky assets, like shares (often called growth assets) and not so risky assets like bonds or "fixed interest"(often called income assets). The risk of the portfolio will largely depend on the % of investments you put in risky (growth) assets or shares. If you have no shares, in other words all your investments are cash or fixed interest (income) assets then you will have very little risk but the returns you can expect are also low. On the other hand if you put all your investments in shares then you can expect a volatile ride but with the potential for high returns.


0% Shares

Amost no risk. Similiar to a bank account. You trade away return for safety.


60% - 90% Shares

A longer term outlook and a recognition that you want to take more risk to generate returns.


20% - 50% Shares

Short to medium time frame. Don't want to take too many risks.You may have a goal in mind.

All in

90% - 100% Shares

Long term outlook, no concrete goals, just want to build wealth  and comfortable with higher risk.


50% - 70% Shares

Short to medium time frame. You are comfortable with some risk but focussed more on generating income.

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 2.30.51 pm.png

When you have decided what type of investor you want to be, secure, conservative, balanced, confident, or all in, then you can choose one of our model portfolios or you can build your own. 

For instance if you have decided you want to build a balanced portfolio with 50% shares or growth assets then you should choose half your investments from the categories "Australian Shares" and "Global Shares" and the other half from the category "Fixed Income".


Go to our Top Picks page and choose 50% of your ETF's from growth categories"Core Australian Shares" and "Core Global Shares" then choose the other 50% of your ETF's from income categories "Australian Income ETF's" and "Global Income ETF's". Do that and you will have created a great investment portfolio.

If you have any questions about how to start or what to choose then get in contact on the form below and we are happy to help out. 

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