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We care about sound, evidence based, investment principles.

For most people who are investing for the medium to long term, ETF's are the most efficient and cost effective way to build and manage a global investment portfolio. And with Bigwig it is possible to build simple portfolios that will deliver outstanding investment performance. Of course there are risks too, these are market investments and markets can and do go down, sometimes for quite long periods. But the risk of investing using well diversified ETF's is significantly lower than investing in a small number of ordinary shares.


Before you jump into investing with Bigwig we suggest you read some of our blog articles about investing and risk. The first thing you should be doing is deciding for yourself what sort of investments are going to suit you. Do you want very low risk investments that will grow slowly over time or are you prepared to accept some greater volatility in order to try to achieve a higher return. We cannot guarantee returns but we can guide you in understanding the risks involved in investing and how that may relate to your returns over time. 

Who is Bigwig?

Bigwig has been developed by IWM Advisors Australia, a Melbourne based Financial Planning firm, and Jonathan Coultas. Jonathan has over 30 years experience in financial markets including as an Executive Director of Macquarie Bank. He is passionate about delivering simple affordable investment solutions for people who don't have a PHD in finance and might not have a million dollars in investments, but still want to build wealth based on sound investment principles.

Steps to becoming a Bigwig

  • Step 1 - Sign in to Bigwig

  • Step 2 - Open a Bigwig Trading Account

  • Step 3 - Transfer some money (as little as $500) to your new Macquarie Cash Management Account linked to Bigwig

  • Step 4 - Choose an ETF or a portfolio of ETF's and click "Buy"

  • Step 5 - Monitor your portfolio on your personal Bigwig portfolio report.

Why use ETF's?

Investing using well diversified index ETF's is more likely to produce long term sustainable growth in value than:

  • Stock picking

  • Active fund managers

  • Savings accounts

For most people picking stocks is simply a punt, you might get it right but in the long run it is more akin to gambling than investing. Active funds and managed funds in general charge sigificantly higher fees than most ETF's

 In the 5 yrs to Dec 2017, 37% of active managers outperformed the ASX 200 each year. But not necessarily the same 37%. At the end of 5 yrs only 1.1% of managers had outperformed each year. S&P Dow Jones.


The average fees charged by active fund managers in 2018 was 1.01%. (Canstar). The average of our Core Australian Shares ETF's is 0.15%. Over time that will make a big difference.


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